AS350 Avionics Switch Console & Electrical System Upgrade

Avionics Switch Console stacks 10 inches of avionics near the pilot with ease. This console is delivered in a standard configuration or customized to the customer's mission specifics as a finished ready-to-install product. Cannon plug connections make installation and implementation of changes quick and easy. This console eliminates intermittent push button switches and fuses. All switches and circuit breakers are MIL-STD type for rugged reliable service. The console provides enough room for up to 60 circuit breakers as well as switches for added equipment. Easily modified switch legends are LED backlit and may be changed quickly as the customers configuration changes over the years. NVG (Night Vision Goggle) Compatibility is also available as an option. With its internal dimmer power supply and control, the pilot can independently dim the console to any desired level for maximum crew comfort during night operations.

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