AS350 Instrument Lighting Dimmer

The P176 Instrument Lighting Dimmer is a New Dimmer Power Supply that was designed as a direct replacement for Helicopter AS350 Series helicopters that use Helicopter P/N: 704A46814049 or earlier Dimmer Power Supplies. Its design is greatly improved over the factory unit. It is also a direct footprint and plug compatible replacement. The P176 does not require the use of spacers to mount it to the shelf, which will save mechanics the aggravation and time related to installation of the unit. No wiring changes or modifications of any kind are required for installation. Factory units are not short circuit or thermally protected, which means that, with one shorted post light, the factory unit is DEAD. The unit will have to be sent for repair or be replaced. This new supply is both short circuit and thermally protected. In the case of a short circuit, the unit shuts down to protect itself. As soon as the short is removed or repaired, the unit resumes normal operation. There are no fuses to replace in the unit, as it is self-resetting.